Terms of Sale & Payment Methods

Before browsing the pages of our e-shop, the visitor/user is asked to read carefully the following Terms of Sale, which cover the purchases, delivery and returns of goods from AWATARA PC carried out through the e-shop. If the visitor/user agrees with the Terms, he/she must accept them by clicking on the relevant field on the Registration Form.

Visitors/users of this e-shop declare and agree that before continuing with browsing awatara.gr, they read and unconditionally agreed these Terms of Sale (and the Terms of Use). Should the visitor/user not agree with any of the Terms of Sale, he/she is requested to refrain from using the services offered on the awatara.gr. Any query or enquiry should be addressed to the Company by clicking on the respective “Contact” link  filling the relevant communication form.


awatara.gr executes orders in a way consistent with product availability and the stocks held by the company. Any availability figures given are indicative and in no way are binding on the Company.

 If a product ordered by a user in not available, awatara.gr will contact the user by email and/or telephone within two working days of the date of order to give the respective information on likely delivery dates or other details on the availability of the specific product and/or size required. 

If the user is not satisfied that the delivery time will meet his/her requirements, he/she may cancel the respective part of the order, the remaining product order to be completed as normal.


Product prices are not displayed to the visitor of awatara.gr. Prices are displayed only to wholesale customers, if they complete the registration process at www.awatara.gr .

The prices given on the awatara.gr are in Euro (€) and they don’t include VAT (24%). They do not also include despatch costs, which are determined individually depending on method, time and place of delivery. Awatara.gr retains the right to change prices without warning users. The customer pays the price of the product as it appears on the awatara.gr website at the time of order.



The customer has two options to add products to his shopping cart. Customer should register so as to have access to product prices and ordering procedure.

The first option to make an order, is to select in each product that opens, the quantity per colour or size desired. These quantities will be added to his basket. At the end he will open his basket and see all his options, where he can intervene and make corrections, canceling selected products, or modifying the quantities he has initially selected.

Once the customer has completed this process, he/she completes the order and fills in the form with the invoice details and selects the payment method.

The second way is to select “ORDERING”in Footer . Then a table with all the products will open and customer can follow the same procedure as above.

Orders are accepted and shipments of ordered products are performed in Greece and abroad also.

The order preparation in the central warehouse of the company is completed within two (2) business days. Then the order is shipped to the customer. The payment of the order is a prerequisite for carrying out the shipment.

If the customer wishes to place an order with the intention of receiving it later, this is an option which is provided. In this case the customer  will pay 20% of the order total invoice as deposit. The order is bound for up to two months from the date of payment of the deposit.

The minimum wholesale order is 300 € (not included taxes) .

Shipping costs are paid by the customer.

The shipping method is determined after consultation between awatara.gr and the customer.


As soon as awatara.gr receives an order, an order receipt giving the order number is sent from the respective email info@awatara.gr to the customer’s email.

The sending of an order by the customer to awatara.gr constitutes a proposal for the respective purchase agreement the order receipt email sent by awatara.gr to the user constitutes the acceptance by the Company of the purchase agreement. The latter contract will only be formed with the despatch by awatara.gr of the above order receipt notification.

The package despatched to the customer by awatara.gr in completion of his/her order is accompanied by the appropriate legal documentation (invoice).


Payment can be made in one of several ways:


The awatara.gr accepts payment by VISA credit or payment card. 

Note that payment can only be in full, not in instalments. Apart from the value of the items ordered, the full amount of payment shall necessarily include despatch costs.

For purchases using credit or payment cards, the customer must follow the detailed instructions on the website for the completion of the respective fields of the order form. These include the number and end date of the customer’s card. The respective amount is debited from the card once the details and validity have been checked. The customer is solely responsible for the proper record and accuracy of the card details. In any case, the customer declares that he/she is the owner and holder of the card used for the specific transaction.


Payment may be made by payment order to a Company bank account. Payment can be made to any of the following accounts:


Acc num : 5758087528781

IBAN :GR 8601727580005758087528781


Beneficiary: AWATARA IKE


Acc num 907002330000452

IBAN :GR4001409070907002330000452


Beneficiary : AWATARA IKE


Delivery time depends on the Shipping Company chosen by the customer. Generally and for better customer scheduling, delivery takes place within 2-3 business days for customers in Greece (3-10 days for customers in  Europe) from the day of shipment. The order is handled in our warehouse within 1-3 business days and depends on the quantity.

In extreme  weather conditions or in the case of strikes or other major force, the transport and delivery of an order may be affected. In this case, awatara.gr  will communicate with the customer as soon as possible to ask for confirmation that the customer wishes to go ahead with the order under those conditions.


Deliveries of products ordered from awatara.gr and despatched to countries outside Greece may be subject to customs duties, taxes and special charges applying in the country of delivery, according to that country’s current legislation. Customers understand and agree unconditionally that the awatara.gr  can in no way control, influence or foresee the amount of such charges, which shall be borne exclusively by the customer. Customers are urged before submitting their order to address the respective authorities and agencies in order to have the necessary information.

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